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Netzwerkstelle für Genderforschung und -lehre

phone: Verena Stange: 0345 5521 827
phone: Julia Ritter: 0345 5521 448

room 327 (3. OG, lift and signage available)
Dachritzstr. 12
06108 Halle

Sprechzeit (telefonisch und in Präsenz):
Donnerstags von 10-12 Uhr, sowie nach Vereinbarung, auch via WebEx

postal address:
06099 Halle

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Network unit for gender research and teaching

The gender*bildet project initiates, organises, networks and  analyses. Its aim is to anchor gender and queer studies in teaching and  research and to support their deconstructive potential at all levels of  the university.

gender*bildet means several things. Firstly,  gender and queer studies are an integral part of higher education, as  their epistemological, interdisciplinary and intersectional diversity  can underlie the ways of thinking and the different disciplinary  approaches to a comprehensive understanding of society.

Secondly,  gender*bildet means that gender as a performative event stands in an  interdependent relationship to social processes. In the project, we  understand the category of gender as constructed and use it analytically  in the university context in the sense of deconstructing supposedly  naturally given relations of domination and power. In doing so, we move  on the content level of disciplines, research and teaching, and on the  structural level with regard to the dismantling of discriminatory,  structural conditions in higher education.

Thirdly, gender*bildet deals with power and hierarchical relations at the university in its own research-based  approach. We are particularly interested in gendered orders and  organisations of knowledge and focus on both the level of knowledge  production and the level of knowledge transfer.

Poster gender*bildet:
poster.pdf (682.8 KB)  vom 16.11.2023