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Workspace for gender(studies) projects

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Sharepic workspace for gender(studies) projects

Sharepic workspace for gender(studies) projects


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Upcoming Dates: 03.05.2024

The workshop for gender (research) projects sees itself as a specific  exchange, consultation and networking format. In the individual  workshop sessions, questions about project and research activities or about topics and perspectives from the field of gender research are discussed. This takes place on the basis of concrete concerns, project drafts and/or data materials within the group of those present.

Project and research projects in the draft and initial phases as well as those that are at an advanced stage are cordially invited. The aim is to support the workshop participants in their further work and to provide insights into their way of thinking and working through collegial exchange. According to plan, a regular rotation of workshop  meetings is to be established and, depending on the thematic focus, additional experts and so-called critical friends are to be invited to  enrich the exchange.

Please register via email to If you would like to bring your own project and/or research project, please send us a brief outline of your topic and concerns for the workshop. If you would like to participate without your own contribution, please send us a short note.

We look forward to your participation and an enriching exchange.

If you have any questions, wishes, needs or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the gender*bildet team.

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